Unconventional Magnets

The Power Is You.

Welcome to the place where you can find yourself.

Relax, take a deep breath, and start to learn.

“Worrying, is like praying for something you don’t want.”

This website, Unconventional Magnets, has been made for you to get a deeper knowledge of the universe, the human nature and everything that surrounds us. You will understand that everything is guided by forces, which are magnets with north and south poles. You can findĀ the secrets of the pyramids, how were built and messages from the past. You will find out that you are being controlled, deprived of your own free will, you have been lied for many years at school, because someone above others would hide all proofs which would go against the conventional thought (think of Galileo). You will discover the secrets of the ancient pyramids, recreated in Florida, with Ed’s Coral Castle. You will learn how to meditate, and how to heal yourself through your own power, which drives you toward life and growth, with the biology of believes of doctor Lipton. You will also take a closer look at the universe, finding the rules that rule it through the chapter “Astronomy“. These and much more information about how you can find yourself a position in this world here on the website Receptoj, receipes from life.

Have a look at what interests you more. Acquire knowledge. Acquire Power.