Ancient Knowledge Pt. 3 – Monuments, Megaliths, Energy Grid

Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines (Earth’s Energy Grid)

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“six billion 919 million 377,000 the bus on this tiny planet and only a few
of us can see the connections pattern mathematical in design are hidden in plain sight just have to order the great pyramid giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world this magnificent construction is the only one of the original seven wonders that
still remain standing this is a story of disturbing questions and unbelievable answers a story
that challenges everything we know about the history of our planet building the Great Pyramid was an astonishing achievement there are eight major feats of engineering involved in the building first the builders level the ground and cut a 6000 hectare bedrock to fit
many strangely shapes labs each one as heavy as a car second they carried a hundred and thirty granite blocks over 500 miles each
block weighed between 12 and seventy tonne the blocks were holed up 210 feet and achievement which even today would be a challenge third the Great Pyramid has three chambers inside it with breathtaking precision the builders cut a passage to the solid rock 300 feet long by
three feet wide to reach the lowest chamber pierluigi covered an architect to help create the Berlin potsdamer platz seem surprised the descending passageway
is narrow so the working conditions would have been terrible identity she
keeping the time what exactly the same angle would need special tubes montanari logical position you would need precision to thread the whole building process fourth the builders work with more than 2 million pieces of stone all of different shapes and sizes this makes accurate building much harder in spite of this the upper chamber
is perfectly horizontal and vertical the builders got it right to within a fiftieth of an inch this is a feat any modern structural engineer would end
the building so accurately such a long time ago is it is frankly amazing and
even now I think most people would say it would be too difficult for you know for most builders to get anything like that accurate and it work the Great Pyramid stayed intact through earthquakes that flattened
everything around it didn’t everything was in its proper place nothing had moved in size fifth the position of the Great Pyramid is absolutely precise it points
north within five hundredths of a degree we only learn to do this recently in the 17th century thousands of years after the pyramid was built they couldn’t
come close to that degree of precision six the Great Pyramid actually has eight sides building an eight-sided
pyramid is even more complicated than building a four-sided one to keep this its ad beasts on the four sides of the edifice during the build with an accuracy
danger centimeter even down to $OPERAND millimeter this would have been extremely difficult ecology for them if we wanted to build a structure like
this today even using all the modern measuring devices and building techniques at their disposal with still be in real trouble seven they
worked at speed Egyptologist think the pyramid only took 20 years to build there are over two million stone blocks in the permit if they work 12-hour shifts 365 days a year that have to Cory car lift and fit one block every two and a
half minutes and finally since the ancient Egyptians didn’t have wheels iron or steel the seventh wonder of the world was built with copper chisels stone mallets and hemp ropes yeah so 4700 years ago when the rest of the planet was still wandering about in animal skins the ancient Egyptians flatten the limestone hillock paved an area the size of six football pitches piled up two million blocks of stone
to the height of a 42 story building drove and narrow 300 foot long passage
utterly straight through the rock fitted the stone in the inner chamber with
complete precision built the outside of the pyramid with eight sides instead of four and made it earthquake-proof lined up precisely with magnetic north and got the whole
job done in 20 years using only these you might think the Egyptologist is overwhelmed by written evidence this is true for some periods but for others like the ancient empire we know very little and that’s why finally your questions hours when it comes to the building of the pyramids
we have a lot of theories but no written account the pyramid is thought to be
the tomb of the pharaoh key opps although we have little historical information
about him as with all the Egyptian pharaohs we don’t have any proper historical
rings yeah there is evidence in papyrus and carved into the rock but no one can agree
on what it means there is no agreement among Egyptologists they look at the evidence on the ground and sometimes conclude one thing and sometimes another so if the historians an Egyptologist can’t tell us how the Great Pyramid was built maybe we should ask geologist Stonecutters and engineers men with technical know-how the people who do these kind of big projects in our own time in the nineteen sixties engineers raise the abu simbel temple to keep
it from being flooded by the Aswan Dam water in spite of cranes and trucks it took five years to glory and rebuild this temple made of 2,200 blocks some weighing 30 times it was a huge achievement but nothing compared with building the Great Pyramid this clay quarry in France is roughly the size of the Great Pyramid it took 12 years to fill it and all they were doing was dumping rubble didn’t have to build a yeah ok maybe it’s time to think the unthinkable maybe the Great Pyramid isn’t a to maybe it was built for something else there are other sites in Egypt where blocks of an even shape and size are used for building but nobody knows why yeah because I can be able to do for me mr. means a complete mystery without cement there’s a rough stones laid side by side this is breathtaking he’s a tremendous achievements a razor blade couldn’t fit between two blocks there so precisely laid it can’t have been easy heavy blocks like that
hadn’t been put back in place anytime recently here the blocks are irregularly
shaped but they’re a perfect match with the blocks on the other side of the
corridor and mirror image so they can have been set as they came using whatever irregular shapes came from the quarry they must have been carved into these shapes on purpose there must be a reason for it if you want your monument to stand strong it needs to be heterogeneous that will keep the wall from collapsing in the case of stress like an
earthquake since there are no modular blocks are no crack lines the blocks fit into one another which makes for a strong war so the builders of the Great Pyramid over 4,000 years ago knew how to make their work earthquake arrogante sums it up objectively from my observations on the ground each time i checked the pyramid systematically everything had to be reconsidered maybe there’s also reason the Great Pyramid was built with eight size even though building with four sides is much easier close to the Great Pyramid
there is a black bedroom today it’s ignored or used by tourists as a picnic table
but take a closer look at these grooves and cuts yeah compare this to rocks cup by modern machine tools the similarity is staggering on the other Egyptian science that are unexplained rolls these match the
sort of thing we do today by machine no one today could do this kind of thing by hand 500 miles away from the Great Pyramid is the quarry where the red granite to build it painful this is an unfinished obelisk left in the quarry it’s a hundred and twenty six feet tall and it weighs 1,300 tunnels it’s hard to imagine how this could have ever been transported from the
site the tools used in the square supposed to be simple stones simple stones used to
make holes like these the work involved would be incredible yeah yeah the colossi of memnon here in Egypt are the heaviest statues on the planet
so it must be possible to make them with simple tools because that is all we had at the time that were built it’s a circular argument and circular arguments get us nowhere there are no records of how these amazing structures were built but Egypt colleges say they’re absolutely certain they weren’t built by machines the next impossible thing Egyptologist propose is that the Great Pyramid was built in only 20 years first ever done is an engineer who makes high
precision machines he studied the huge statues of black saw the Rams his statues that looks or are incredible in their design their incredible in their execution these are very very complexion and so we’re going to look at just how
complex are the chris dunn analyze the statue of Ramesses the seconds face and
found it was completely symmetrical what we see is that this jawline and this jawline are identical in fact that is unbelievable to create the condition where one side matches the other
they had to have had some system of measure to be able to make sure that they
were cutting the material properly and there they were achieving the geometry
that they decide this is not the result of somebody going at a piece of granite with a chisel and chiseling face out and saying okay that was like a human
face this kind of condition does not happen by accident as we see you can just describe a circle that actually performs to the outline of the face but now you’ve got to remember that the circle is in too deep but the jaw jaw line
is coming forward in 3d so it’s very complex geometry and the same on the other side and now we’ll start to look at the other features of the face eyebrows lower eyelid upper eyelids the lips and Proxima curve to map we can use circles again to describe those features and all the circles that were years here at the same diameter other heads also have the same
geometric game even with modern tools this would be incredibly difficult what was
guiding because the human hand is not that precise so i had to have assistants and today we have mechanical system to guide your about complex shape and
contour bra i presented telling you about the precision of the objects is just to represent the facts as an engineer what I have measured in terms of who did
it why they did it when it was done other specialists need to answer those questions it’s impossible to believe that however careful the craftsmen were however slowly the work that they could achieve such astonishing results without
complex tools it’s hard to see how they were built by hand using only chisels and lumps of rock nobody can determine what tools we use we can theorize but essentially when theorizing we have to show we have to be able to demonstrate Egyptologists
still insist all the statues temples and pyramids were built with chisels ropes and stones Egypt isn’t the only place in the world where irregular stones
were used in ancient buildings there are nine other ancient sites around the
planet where we can see this technique has been used not far from Nazca government has been discovered there maybe 40 or more of them but the site hasn’t been properly excavated yet due to lack of funds
and that’s not the only thing Peru shares with Egypt there are mommy’s here and misshapen skulls similar to the skull of Akhenaten the Egyptian pharaoh in Cuzco there’s a giant wall built by the Incas with the same irregular building blocks we saw in Egypt we see the same thing again that the saxy woman site the irregular construction technique that makes these buildings withstand earthquakes you shouldn’t underestimate how much effort is involved in preparing the surfaces of each of the blood types of fact that through with the place
where earthquakes are very very common many many structures built far later with modern technology vanish into . and the downforce bill standard if you plot
them on a man this site with cool school and another sacred side cankle form a perfect triangle nobody can explain and certainty by these distances and hectometers or kilometers matchup with other sites in the modeling for the economical with the truth is they’re so there might be a reason throughout Peru ancient sites like these are filled the spectacular
constructions just lifting these rocks up a slope like this was a real challenge now
there’s we could lift stones of 10 tons to reach it maybe 50 meters at your height of a hundred meters with very large cranes but I mean that’s a huge piece of contemporary technology what’s amazing about it is that we couldn’t do it now this is 500 years ago imagine the Egyptians condors little dizzy the most much when we visit Machu Picchu we get a
sense of how sophisticated the Andean civilization was in linear most of the population the critical values inhabitants didn’t know what match your picture was a bear yeah these beautifully crafted walls in Machu Picchu are strikingly like the
buildings that surround the Great Pyramid in Giza here too we see the symmetry in the building style this has got to be more than a coincidence in all these ancient sites we find the same building techniques the same huge scale of building and
the same precise orientation with the compass just look yeah yeah yeah this is where the comparison with the Beavers mostly because even if they build the same Dan’s they don’t line them up over thousands of miles even if these ancient people did communicate it wouldn’t explain why the sites are
on the same straight line and why that line is at an angle of exactly 30
degrees to the equation and the mystery doesn’t end there in Mexico just like in Giza
there are three main pyramids they are the sun pyramid the moon pyramid and the
pyramid of the feathered snake then just like a geezer the main pyramid is precisely aligned what’s
amazing is that the Sun government like many other constructions like it were built to indicate precisely the phenomenon that we call the ekhono Mickey Knox however much the experts denied the similarities between all these ancient sites are striking hieroglyphic writing mummified bodies great astrological skills earthquake-proof construction techniques we need to look harder at these questions if we’re ever going to find the real answers any material the mantle mankind has managed to invent a
single material with blast as well as this stuff it’s amazing but we have done in these ancient sites are full of questions and mysteries that conventional archeology cannot answer and anyone who steps away from the
usual explanations is dismissed as a crank but the questions remain yeah yeah because rock carving cannot be accurately dated there are no definitive answers if we want to solve these mysteries we need to keep an open mind the Great Pyramid at Giza is in the center of all these ancient sites maybe Egypt holds the answers it’s time to go back to the parables remembering what Sherlock Holmes Thomas when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable
must be the truth in Egypt a researcher who wish to remain anonymous gave us a trail to form the ancient Roman plenty the elder tells of arguments about who built the
Great Pyramid but of all the accounts that plenty writes about only one has survived Herodotus account is the only one we have left that tells us about
the building of the Great Pyramid it shows how little we really know in 1859 englishman john taylor discovered if you divided this dimension by this one you got pie the mathematical formula this caused controversy at
the time some people thought it was an accident could be a coincidence that these particular dimensions of us pie one of the building blocks of mathematics science and engineering i asked my anonymous Egyptian researcher if you could explain why these dimensions were significant because the half
perimeter is the biggest horizontal visible dimension and it’s hate is the biggest vertical invisible dimension is not the only significant number in the Great Pyramid if we look at the dimensions of the various parts of the Parliament
each part can be multiplied by a whole number to give the total height yeah the surface of the four sides / the surface of the base equals the famous golden number one of the key principles of aesthetics and design the golden number is unique these equations work with the golden number and only the golden number the golden number occurs all over the natural world in the shapes of plants
in astrology in the proportions of the human form in the proportions of great art but not the golden number appears to be a constant in the universe diesel by dividing the half perimeter by the total height we get the golden number squared and the golden number occurs again and again in the Great Pyramid ancient builders worked with a precision that Modern architects
would end their achievements have never been better all this country chance because everywhere you look in the pyramid you come across pie and the golden number its found in the visible humid and
it’s there in the upper chamber yeah yeah any detail that we see was intentional on the part of designer on the part
of the builders and there was nothing left to chance this is a controversial position and many in the archaeological
establishment which strongly disagree it seems extremely unlikely that Egyptians knew the value of pi initially the gold number was also a relative unit featured in pyramids in their temples but it never occurs in Egyptian calculations so this knowledge of the golden number is very surprising many Egyptology just say the ancient Egyptians had no great mathematical skills and all this number stuff is just coincidence but here’s a
mathematicians opinion or tomorrow VAR we meet it so often that the probability of it being due to chance is no it is infinitesimally to me frankly it’s like zero it stands to reason even for a mathematician meaning someone who can assess probability that the volume of that pyramid was picked because of its numerous possibilities to reveal through it the goal of the neighbor impossible i think the ancient Egyptians were aware of the golden number but they couldn’t have come across the resolution each time especially the perfect one they had to possess that knowledge is that
kinda sense it’s not in their culture to divulge it they kept it secret and the best
way to keep a secret is not to convey it anywhere it’s no secret it’s simply closed geometry is a sensitive part of mathematics and just like mathematics is the language the golden number of golden ratio often occurs in classical architecture we
can see it in great buildings like the Parthenon and many of our medieval cathedrals like the Great Pyramid this Cathedral shows the economics this circle indicates precisely the position of the Sun on the horizon during the
economics even more extraordinary the shape of the Great Pyramid is hidden in the
facade of strasbourg cathedral even though when the cathedral was built the Great Pyramid was still partly covered in sand the builders of the Great Pyramid suddenly knew what a meter was they used it with pie and the golden number
to determine the length of the qubit but the mysteries don’t end there the anonymous research we spoke to earlier had been plotting the ancient sites on a world man mr. that stretches from Easter Island to giza is
actually part of a 25,000 mile long circle this a hundred kilometer wide circle goes through many significant engine sites across the globe in Peru it passes through the paribas drawing the
Nazca tracks or land to tumble machu picchu cusco taxi human and the palate ority pyramids in Africa it crosses Molly and the mysterious doggone lands within
you the stars cities B&C before any astronomers algeria and the castilian a job but it’s painted Martian God in Egypt it goes through the Cy oasis and it’s loose among temple and through the Great Pyramid at Giza next it
crosses Petra who where abraham was born persepolis in Iran mohenjo-daro in Pakistan
where the unreadable writing was found that is so close to the writing on Easter
Island then it crosses sites have always been known as the homes of the Gods
cultural hall in india by a in Burma so-called I and Thailand ankle walk and party
are in Cambodia and it ends with the most isolated and mysterious place on earth easter island there is an astonishing accuracy to this alignment although many of these sites date from different times most were built on the ruins of more ancient sacred sites at some remote .
in the past someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line circling
the globe the circle was as long as the equation but the mystery doesn’t end there if we take this circle as an equation then its North Pole will be located
here and the triangle formed by this point Nazca and giza exactly matches the
shape of the Great current the distance between Nazca and giza equals the distance between tier to work on and easie the same is true of the distance between ankor wat and Nazca and between gangadhara and Easter Island the distance between easter island in Giza is 10,000 times the golden number the distance of origin and car and keys are multiplied by the golden number
equals the distance between Giza and Nazca and the Geezer Nazca distance x the
golden number equals the Nazca and car distance yeah surprising as this seems it ties in with some earlier discoveries about the pyramids in the 20th century and astronomer and priests morrow showed the meridian passing through the Great Pyramid divided the land of the earth into two equal surfaces making Giza the central point on the planet’s twenty centuries before him a guitar cadiz argued that the Great Pyramid was the geographic reflection of the earth and the length of the two sides of the
Great Pyramid was also the average distance a point on the equator moves through
space in one second solution this is a given in physics indicating the speed of
the rotation of our planet on its axis every aspect of the Great Pyramid is
stuffed with significant numbers that connect to the world but many people find this hard to believe skeptics argue that this could all be just chance but the number of amazing facts that have to be explained just keep growing once again we have to return to the pyramid for further investigations let’s take another look at the inner chamber each building block here Wade
as much as 40 cards each block had been fitted precisely they’re perfect vertically and horizontally even though the builders didn’t have the tools to check their exact measurements why did the Egyptians build with such precision there’s a reason to bring huge granite blocks 500 miles to Giza granite has
one unique property it doesn’t change over time its dimensions remain the same this means the Great Pyramid secrets could be transmitted through the ages my anonymous friend drew two circles one outside 1 inside the base of the
pyramid he subtracted the length of the inside circle from the length of the outer circle take the figure 2 5th Sean Lamont that’s odd that’s the speed of light no doubt about it this is the speed of light in millions of $OPERAND m/s this is the number from the pediment I have nothing else to say scientists may find these truths unpalatable but they are hard
to deny are they embarrassed by these revelations if we look at the Great Pyramid Lake on without prejudice with a fresh eye and when you’re a
physicist you measure and you notice many things like coincidences I suppose but so
many coincidences with such a big object it’s very disturbing many experts would argue there’s nothing extraordinary here they say the
great pyramid really was key opps to even though no one can explain how it could have been built in 20 years they say if the great pyramid really is
signaling the akwa Knox’s if it really contains x and the golden number and has a
cubit value that relates to these and expresses these values in meters it’s all just chance they say the striking similarities between the ancient sites thousands of miles across the world is just another coincidence in these sites lineup in one line across the world that’s a coincidence too and if interesting numbers continue to crop up in the distances between the places and the Great Pyramid contains the number for the speed of light it’s just chance how many coincidences have to happen before you look for another explanation this is starting to look less like chance or maybe there’s a rational explanation for these mysteries maybe it’s not shots maybe once we look beyond the conventional histories there’s a new truth to be discovered if none of this is coincidence then who is responsible for casa de given the possible natural disasters that could occur on earth for example continental drift volcanoes or major meteorite impacts there’s nothing to keep this from saying more advanced civilizations might have lived our planet it feels a little there so it’s possible more advanced civilization once
lived on our planet this is a bold and radical conclusion and of course it raises more questions why are there no traces left of these people see you see if for some reason our civilizations were to disappear many things would get stand centuries
but not melanoma call the media only a few bigger monuments would last monuments i would say like the big pyramids in Egypt God eat what then is left of this advanced civilization we know they measured their they built the scale model based on it in the shape of the pyramid full of numerical significance they built a series of artifacts along a line that circumnavigated the world there must be a reason for all this everything we have discovered about the great Parliament must have been put there for a specific purpose we are very close to discovering the truth ok yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah megalithic sites occur all over the world is their placement random or does the location of these sites reveal get another hidden layer of ancient knowledge one thing i found looking at different megalithic structures over a few continents in numerous places around the world overwhelmingly these places
the pyramids the stone henges etc of the world were placed on ground where an unusual type of geology naturally concentrates the regular daily natural electromagnetic fluctuations that occur everywhere on the earth each day to
go into England for example of the ley lines that cross with the Michael I was a hundred miles long across England that carries this energy along that
line it will therefore generate electric currents in the land called to learn currents and the straight geological sense of that word and those occur everywhere in the planet we dealt with this lady energy the subtle energy passes along these lives there are certain special types of geology that will magnify those several-fold and that’s what where we found the megalith builders prefer to put their their monuments and typically wear lines cross we have more than one line intersecting temples were often built these are called conductivity discontinuities which sounds highway technical but it’s merely the place where one area ground that has a good ability to conduct electricity meets another area of ground that has a lesser ability to
conduct these natural electric currents the Chinese had the same tradition they call them dragon lives it was illegal for a commoner to be buried on such a live a king had any bury us alive but Alice’s there there’s a whole series of
sacred sites they’re always built on lines like this i want to see in this area
about the location of temple and you are ever the symbols appear on the ground
when it’s the scene then this is the place where people naturally come to get
more healthy energy from that spot no energy bulbs from the earth and it appears
as though they were attempting to control the flow of this energy and use it
for their own purposes the key hours unfortunately the pre-dawn hours if you really want to study
this you’ve got to get up at three and get out there very fast that’s because the the energy that is involved in these sites that’s really fueling most of it originates with the daily changes in the Earth’s
geomagnetic field its strongest during the day weakest at night and in the hours leading up to dawn the weaker field lines now it come roaring back to closer to full strength very quick it’s the most dramatic time in terms of change
of the magnetic strength per hour it’s the most dramatic time of the day and wherever you have a changing magnetic field occurring you are generating electric current in anything present that will conduct electricity it’s a simple principle of physics known as induction and it’s a universal normally in everyday life we don’t ever see large concentrations of this
energy normally it will show up at the mountaintops and sacred sites you’ll feel a certain columns or peace sometimes people in those places report mystical experiences will see in
some other dimension okay see in some of the time the Chinese have known about this for a long
time and they call it Chi the Hindus in their ancient texts call it product and
the Yogi’s will maintain a very ancient tradition use it detective with a variety of different process electricity magnetism strong effect on that so it modifies all the other laws of physics when you look
back on how sacred sites were chosen and buildings like the pyramids or were constructed the suspicion arises that they understood quite a bit more about this stuff than we do and they have been using it in their engineering then
the megalith builders designed these structures and and then built them in such a way as to further concentrate those energies so they definitely seem to have known what they were doing created some is join the world and the system meaning the record company totally this is very important what we’re fighting for because tire i’m really really high of the
manipulation of tired of how the prince is manipulating everything that’s been happening in this situation they not tonight manipulate laid out the true history online you know that you must know ”

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