Deep Conscious / Subconscious Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an important practice in out lives, that can help to achieve true understanding of life and ourselves. Meditation must be done with proper techniques in order to be beneficial for the body and the mind, as well as the soul, of the person.


Before starting meditation lessons, anyway, it is important that you get confident with some simple biology, the Biology of Belifs. The doctor will introduce you to the real essence of the world and of ourselves, for a better capacity of meditation. Also, some techniques of belifs conscient modification, useful for more deep and powerful meditation effects, will be introduced.

Then it is highly suggested that you firstly more information about how to heal yourself, and then see below some meditation techniques and music for helping meditation. When listening the music (as the “OM”), just close your eyes, relax and let the energy of the universe flow into your body.