6 secrets of the universe and ourselves

the rain is coming soon I’d reach you in love and the light of the Infinite Creator the six secrets they don’t want you to know even the dumbest person knows that the world is controlled by certain individuals some say they are the richest families some say secret organizations with members posing as the president’s right hand some even say aliens in disguise the truth is no matter who the ninety-nine percent is controlled by the one percent and there are things that the one percent would be happy if the ninety-nine percent never find out of but be that as it may the murphy s law still stands even for those individuals who steer the wheel and as the law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong people with humanity still in their hearts leaked some information people who see things as they really are revealed conspiracies and some with a little logic still in the head discovered the truth hidden from the ninety-nine percent here are some of the greatest secrets they don’t want you to know if six they control the Earth’s environment you have probably heard about the high frequency active auroral research program harp it is a project funded by the US Navy and the US Air Force and its cover is technology that can allow US military to communicate with its fleet of submarines through very long distances how this works there is an instrument in harp called be honest Eric research instrument which is a facility that transmits high-power radiofrequency directly into a limited area of the IANA sphere this instrument manipulates the IANA sphere the place where free electrons exist and has a potential to create radio waves that will manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field you get yourself a control of the Earth’s magnetic field and you control the earth even more frightening is the fact that harp has a potential to control emotions through wave frequencies and manipulate human minds who knows maybe they are responsible for our sudden mood swings project Harper shutdown in May 2013 or was it five tap water makes you poor there is absolutely no need for fluoride in tap water well for us but for the ones who want to control the world and make sure no one tries is above them fluoride and tap water is essential element Y let me explain a little bit fluoridation was recommended by edward bernays nephew of Sigmund Freud mind manipulation is written all over their foreheads fluoride is a chemical that has an effect on the pineal gland of our brain some call it the third I this gland is responsible for the majority of our emotions as well as our serrata in the Latin level fluoride damages this gland and promotes apathy depression and low vibrations this results in lack of motivation that health and boredom to survive in the world today we must earn money to buy the necessary things like food water shelter medicine instead of following her dream and escaping the system we are depressed and unmotivated which forces us to work for someone just so we can survive these two forces the survival instinct and apathy limit us to follow the system and never rise above it we are scared for our survival but unmotivated to go our own way so we let others lead our whiny-ass to safety their safety just like sheep and they heard for chem trails spray us with fluoride when you look up in the sky and say look at contrail you may be wrong it may be a chemtrail don’t worry it’s nothing it’s just some guy spraying you with aluminum arsenic barium boron and yes fluoride why because you ask too much now shut up and keep doing what they tell you fluoride is now also being added to almost every food product made with water fluoride is also an insecticides and other poison products toothpaste mouthwash and many psychotropic medicines and if we are good we may even get houses made a fluoride yay three GMO is destroying all humanity genetically modified organisms Sergey and those are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology this experimental technology merges DNA from different species creating unstable combinations of plant animal bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding in other words GMO is taking God’s dice in our own hands it is the greatest disciplines nature has ever seen the universe has one divine rule and that is that whatever happens it must always keep balance every action has its own opposite reaction we make disciplines to nature but as we know the universe will always find balance so our action will result in conflict between Allison nature the dumbest man knows that we come from nature and the conflict will be between ourselves resulting in us becoming something else that is not nature our extinction because let’s face it we cannot go on the opposite side of the scale with such force and expect balance to sacred geometry is the language of the universe and beauty what is beauty victoria’s secret angels i know but what is the definition of beauty the combination of elements like shape color size that pleases the sense of sight but we know that music has a beauty to smell also so if you ask me I would say that beauty is a harmony between elements and forces sacred geometry is found where elements made the golden ratio 1.6 1803 3989 and it exists through all the universe between gravity of planets nature design of flowers shape of animals proportions of land crop circles it also exists in many man-made objects are famous hours like that works of Leonardo DaVinci see Beethoven’s fifth symphony Greek and Roman architecture almost everything we find harmonious beautiful and with that x-factor we cannot explain as the golden ratio shining through it why is this kept a secret well it’s like a magic show we find magic in things with the golden ratio but we don’t know why or how the magician knows the trick and in order to manipulate the audience nobody else is allowed to know how it’s done one music makes you competitive do you know that in 1955 the international standardization organization made 440 Hertz a general tuning standard for musical pitch before that was 432 hurts as you may know sounds have the biggest impact in our thinking 432 hurts makes the sound of music more harmonious com promotes happiness and deep understanding passion 440 Hertz is more energetic faster it is almost like racing it is more competitive in focusing on the details the understanding of the things we can see so why would someone and most importantly how decides that 440 Hertz is better than 432 hurts because music touches us where nothing else can wear the essence of our emotional being is and if you control with emotions thoughts the music promotes than your work of controlling the world is ninety-nine percent done they don’t want people to understand our true nature and our higher self they want us to be in a hurry to believe only what we see and be competitive about material things this way the ninety-nine percent will live in the reality the one percent will create for them this whole article is about that the purpose of the one percent is to shape the reality of the ninety-nine percent and through various of things they have accomplished that and they are damn good in keeping the control get involved and meditate with us every Sunday instructions at 2012 portal . blogspot.com remember like us on facebook at facebook.com slash the event is coming soon be sure to visit our new website at the event is coming soon . com we have all the update Intel and information about the event and disclosure progress the event is coming soon . com by subscribing to our channel you will receive notice of our newest videos this way you will always receive current information about the event and disclosure be sure to tell your friends also to subscribe and share on social media if you like this information please subscribe to the event is coming soon we leave you in the love in the light of the one Infinite Creator go forth and rejoicing in the power and a piece of the one creator victory of the light [Music]

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