Saturn Understood

Why saturn?

There are many things that seems very interesting and worth knowing about Saturn and it’s shape. But what brought me to start this trip around Saturn, are just a couple of things, which meant a lot to me. Those 2 things, that made me begin this journey around Saturn and its orbits, are as magical and strange, as they are true, at least according to me.

The first thing: Saturn shape made out of rock in Coral Castle

In Coral Castle, you can see a perfectly cutted piece of coral stone, with the shape of Saturn, near another shape made out of coral, the one of the moon. It made me believe that there is something in Saturn, of great mystery and importance. Something that connect us with the stars and the sky, and, more important, with God and the reality above.

The second thing: saturn in a very strange cover from a well known magazine

The New Yorker, a famous american magazine, had the below picture as it’s cover for March 2012.

Saturn New Yorker Earthquakes

It doesn’t say much, unless you analyze it better. In fact, if you look carefully, you can see several things which appear to be really strange. You can see in the middle of the picture the “center of the earth” and “Saturn”, with at the top and bottom 2 “Suns”, one of the “Financial District”, the other of “El Barrio” (as well known as a district of Harlem, in New York). All the cities named in this cover (Las Vegas, Papua New Guinea, Brighton Beach atc.) have been, after this cover was published, victims of earthquakes and natural calamities. I did not really want to believe to this story, so I went on Google Search to find it myself. Have a closer look at this really weird cover from the video below, then, check out what I found, or research it yourself.

The Profecy Becomes True

Las Vegas, June 2012

Las Vegas earthquake was a magnitude 9.7 earthquake that occured at 4:55 PM local time on June 29, 2012, and leveled most of the city of Las Vegas

Mt. Fuji, June 2012

On 24 June 2012 a 2.8 magnitude earthquake was reported under Japan’s Mt. Fuji volcano

Tenafly, July 2012

9 July 2012 Earthquake Near Tenafly, New Jersey, United States 2.5 magnitude, 5 km depth

Papua New Guinea, 3 Earthquakes

– March 21, 2012 – Very strong earthquake in Papua New Guinea

– (Major) Earthquakes list April 17, 2012 – Very strong to massive (deep) earthquake in Papua New Guinea

– 28 July 2012: 6.6-magnitude earthquake strikes in Pacific off Papua New Guinea, new Ireland Region

Then I kept going, and as I wanted to go more in depth, I followed the New Yorker Map as it was. And I searched Google for Earthquake 2012 Saturn. This is what I found:

Analysis of the major Sea Of Okhotsk Earthquakes & Planetary Symmetry 2012-13, and a list of links..

Saturn Code

Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch May 25-26, 2013

Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch Aug 14, 2012

And some more links, which I won’t post here for text space issues.

I then stopped, at least until now, the research in this sense. This beacues I found more than a few interesting facts, which need to be explored more. What I saw, it was enough for me to understand that there is a deep hidden knowledge behind that magazine, and more behind Saturn, which needs to be investigated.

Further will be analyzed Saturn’s Hexagonal Shape, observed since the Voyager and Cassini missions.