Ancient Knowledge Pt. 2 – Fibonacci, Phi, DNA, God

Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God

Video Transcript:

When we hear we are not accept everything we translate what we hear according to law and our cloud we compare what is being said – what is already know Oh repose one idea by another all these characteristics of hearing the nice
PS of listening than one listens there is no comparison there is not a player all reject that video listen brings about I don’t like in in which you see the totality and the full significance capture of what is being today the quality of listening
attention and when you attend totally if you are all mine your heart is your nose your eyes and ears eat if tensley and you give your full attention to some okay when you’re in that speak of picking there is the active region and that active listening from subway anything buddy not true you leave them to the comparatively and you are Ken there is no folder in rocket and active listening is a really enough i have since the plate is better than one can listen total a without any defense without any barrier then one can look then one
can listen but Sir if I want to understand what you are saying recent and you with affection we care with attention I know what you’re saying this before something new which is impossible you’re not listen one of the most intriguing discoveries of modern science is the fact that
there is nothing in this world that even approaches what might be called truly solid we speak of solids liquids and gases but these terms describe superficial rather than basic properties of matter all matter regardless of
its state is composed of invisible particles called atoms which in turn are
composed of other particles the air we breathe so invisible to us is just as real as
wood or method because it’s made of the same fundamental particles it is the arrangement of these particles of the forces that bind them
together that give to a substance of special properties if we bring a piece of steel close to a magnet we say that the steel becomes magnetized but but is it actually happens replace the steel inside a coil of wire connected to a high gain amplifier
and then bring the magnet close to the bar of Steel we can hear something that suggests movement inside the steel we think of a piece of steel as being solid and according to our definition
it has a solid but the popular concept of what makes a solid is certainly a
false one this piece of steel and any so-called solid substance on this earth is
almost entirely empty space if we could eliminate the empty space in this piece of steel all the would remain would be a tiny bit of matter so small as to be
invisible even with a high-powered microscope this concept of almost unlimited empty
spaces within matter is comparatively new but it is the very cornerstone of our knowledge in this Atomic Age atoms are not solid instead they’re tiny solar systems composed of infinitely small particles revolving a tremendous speeds and bound together by enormous forces and
like our solar system atoms are almost entirely empty space for the moment let’s forget the forces within the app thinking only of the particles and the empty space around them science knows no reason why I couldn’t take this so-called solid steel
bottle and just throw it right on through that wall except this we’ve tried it and
it has worked if i were to attempt to run through that wall right now all i get for my trouble would be a good sized lump on the head but that which would prevent my body passing through the wall would not be a collision of
particles but rather a collision of forces the same forces that make an atom bomb and if it were not for these forces
my body can go freely back and forth through that wall just as though it were not there it is within the realm of scientific possibility that there could be two worlds coexistent occupying the same part of space of the same
moment of time each world just as real as the end with its mountains valleys rivers streams and people and that one world could pass freely through the other
word need the world being conscious of the existence of the other world if you grant just one thing atomic forces within the material substance of these two worlds that are not mutually interacting what do we mean by this let’s see here are two pieces of Steel their appearance is quite similar but a magnet will reveal a basic internal difference between the two pieces this one of course is picked up but this one is unaffected this piece of
steel is not magnetic stainless steel of course we all know that other metals such as brass
aluminum are not affected by the make or break out of aluminum is something else it can be suspended in air by the electromagnetic force of what is actually a transformer the rate being an effective one turn shorted secondary a smaller ring will react even more help here is another ring this one made of a material we say is not conducting
and it is completely unaffected here is another example several thousand watts of pop involved in that spark if we replace spark gap with a copper coil the same power now close to the corner invisible has no effect on many substances can generate a lot of e wood paper things that we think of as being quite inflammable are not affected at all however a piece of steel wool versus the flame instance did you ever fry an
egg on a cold stole it’s no trick at all you have the right equipment this is a cold hot link and because it’s cold you can make it out of wood if you like just be sure that there’s a coil of wire inside and that you connect that
coil to a high-voltage alternating current source the rest is easy as long as we’re being different we’ll use motor I’ll instead of Crisco ok rise very quickly but the stone remains perfectly cold fact that you wish to keep it handy in the fryer rate of the morning newspaper with a gadget like this you can get up in the morning sit on the stubble read the morning newspaper
and fry the eggs in your left another example of the fact that physical forces can be quite selective and their effect all of the examples which we have cited thus far have been in the physical realm of course have been limited by that fact we can
however cite examples that transcend the purely physical and clearly demonstrate the reality of these two words yeah the quantum unit if you like the real basis basics of the universe quantum physics thinks are a kwark I’m can write a quarter a single unit a single nothing the quarter is made up of two units which vibrate yeah ok then get a light and a sound that we talked about earlier on ok because they vibrate they are pure energy pure frequency but they give
the impression of being matter by creating the vibration which creates a
physical response as you know mother nature uses all kinds of mathematical languages
that when we go to understand physical phenomena we generally find that there’s some sort of mathematical underpinning whatever the denominators you know
the Fibonacci sequence just like that series you find in nature like the face of a sunflower remember the spirals see this math is everywhere how did we end up in the universe like that where should the road behave according to my family to yours and it turns
out in fact all of our senses appear to rely on sort of Fourier transform that
they all seem to use the same mathematics so again here’s evidence that the brain uses the same mathematics to decipher the sensory world is are involved in
the making of a hologram which is as i say not proof but compelling evidence that something is going on not only that it becomes easier to describe with mathematics as you go deeper and deeper into reality mathematics becomes the only way to describe it yeah so one one two three five that’s the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence
next number in the sequence what do you think about eight the number after that 13 number after that 21 so if you’re getting those right along with me then you’ve recognize the pattern that i wrote the first few numbers in the Fibonacci sequence which is this it starts with the one the next numbers of one then after that to get the
next number you always add the two numbers that came before that so one and one is two one and two is three two and three is five three and five age so on and so forth so that’s the that’s recognizing the pattern that exists in the Fibonacci sequence so it turns out that this sequence of numbers has all kinds of applications it describes all kinds of things in the world that we see around us there’s
a conspiracy to hide this information that DNA is a Fibonacci my design exemplification of this number call her energy Rachel sequence called the golden ratio the ratio that proves the existence
of intelligent design or the reality of intelligent design of the cosmos I mean if you go to the golden ratio site for Wikipedia – and the same theme they don’t mention any of this stuff in nature that we’re going to talk
about here that we talked about on the show two days ago and that we’re talking about here they talked about how it is found in architecture and math and all this kind of stuff they don’t discuss it how it is found in the measurements of the
human arm why not it’s just it’s a I mean what I think I’m making that’s the point
here I think that just made sense to me thinking this through as i say to you it has to be a conspiracy how did all this be overlooked on how could we get pd leave it out it’s it can’t be there has to be some how that big money his push their influence on somehow and they’ve had a drive to keep this
covered up or something she’s can’t all be coincidences and since they’re doing that with everything else that has to be the case that there’s some movement to keep this stifled I mean why isn’t in here’s another piece to add to this why isn’t it this in our education system we learn all this junk geometry p brain stuff when think geometry in high school and they don’t teach you about any of this the golden ratio everywhere in nature I went through an elementary school you know high school college on an undergrad degree in college I master’s degree in half way through PhD and never was a center of this mentioned it
and we know who controls the university’s the big money behind it all the way up to the end Illuminati Nephilim controllers so this can’t be this is plant ok and he just wonder it’s got it i mean i’m almost including
here – Davidson College site showing up no one in Google all the time and first page and wikipedia having the strange measurements which don’t correlate
with all kinds of these examples from academics and fine and putting them all pictures of the screenshots and the newsletter it’s got to be a conspiracy I mean we can keep going compiling the evidence that we just all lead to it some and that and if we could keep compiling evidence of it being a conspiracy I mean everything points towards I’m just throwing ideas I’ve taught my head these strange sights show up at the top of the PD is wrong it’s covered up completely and in the best-selling books about the golden ratio which come
from wealthy university professors it’s the universities and education government controlled education system absolutely covers it up you see how mean everything’s falling in the same direction you know the so when everything all these conclusions . the same direction that it’s covered up and hidden yeah yeah this is pretty powerful stuff we’re going over there is no anthropologist and violence and the planet you can explain this one how how the sunflower about the bunch of spirals in it it’sit’s seed pod design and how those spirals exactly lead to a golden
ratio Fibonacci series numbers unbelievable ok this is it there’s no question I mean we’ve all had lied to all through our undergraduate college degrees
in our elementary schools and our tvs just by they’ve not discussing all this table here and we have examples i have here there’s so many and they’re all this powerful ok and all this was hidden from us while we were in our schools learning
about what we’re learning about plate tectonics theory I mean it’s pretty sad pretty sad case and when it’s so obvious ly
everywhere in nature it has to be conspiracy in the Satanic new world order Illuminati system we live in they don’t want I guess they don’t want you to
know this stuff because you might realize that this reality leave you live in is charged with the with the with with Yahweh the architects fingerprint is absolutely everywhere and it’s in you you you are a piece of that
fingerprint and hey you might realize that your consciousness is also and that there is no joke and saying you’re created in God’s image and you can therefore take parts in the power and creation of the intelligent designer honoree phenomena of people getting better even when they’ve only had a dummy treatment or a sham treatment so that can mean a sugar pill but it can also mean sham ultrasound where somebody
just holds the Machine up to your body but doesn’t really switch it on or even a fake operation where somebody makes the incision and then pretends to do the operation but doesn’t actually do anything and the fascinating and amazing thing is it turns out that when people get these fake sham treatments they often get better what’s interesting about the Seebeck effect is it shows amazing power of the mind over the body to the origin of life there are only two possibilities creation or spontaneous generation there is no third way spontaneous generation was disproved 100 years ago but that leads us to
only one other conclusion that of supernatural creation we cannot accept that on philosophical grounds therefore we choose to believe the impossible that live life arose spontaneously by chance and quote see what he sees what he’s saying there is that science has to be conducted in a naturalistic vacuum on philosophical grounds we can’t follow the evidence wherever it leads if it leads us
outside the natural realm to a metaphysical room to a supernatural realm we have to stay within this naturalistic materialistic box this in 1954 and the idea here is that science will ultimately answer all
these questions but the last thing that we want to do is jump into some kind of philosophical or theological explanation it’s interesting that 30 years later in nineteen eighty-four the late George wall again gave us another quote this was called life in mind in the
universe and he actually was speaking at the quantum biology symposium here’s what he said 30 years after the quote i just read you it has occurred to me lately I must confess with some shock at first to my scientific sensibilities that both questions meaning the origin of consciousness in humans end of life from nonliving matter might be brought
in to some degree of congruence this is with the assumption that mind rather than emerging as a late out growth in the evolution of life has existed always as the matrix the source and condition of physical reality the stuff of which physical reality is composed as mine stuff it is mind that has composed a physical universe that breathes life and so eventually evolves creatures that no and create science art and technology
making animals in them the universe begins to know itself this again was 1984 by the late George
Wald an agnostic and materialist naturalist BTW see where he’s going there he brings in an ocean of mind he says as I studied these 30 these 30 years
these three decades since his previous statement how does matter become mind it doesn’t mind must bring forth matter you see matter has never brought forth consciousness or rationality or mind information see now we know what the the simple cell so called or DNA that this is information code information theory would say that this type of code this type of ordered sequence this type of information can only be a
product of mind of intelligence there is no other alternative so what is George Wald saying here even
though it shocks his scientific sensibilities it’s that in all areas of study mind must bring forth information matter etc matter never brings forth mind think about that the evidence to me that just cries out that there’s a guard is a study of
DNA DNA is a very powerful massive information storage system in fact DNA that makes up their genes actually is like books of information that’s read
by a language system it’s absolutely phenomenal and scientists know today that language is a code only come from an intelligence and information only comes from
information nobody’s ever seen matter by itself give rise to a code nobody’s ever seen matter by itself give rise to information and as you look at DNA it actually cries out in God created the universe we all begin as a single
cell the size of a period at the end of a sentence how does that sell know how to build a a body with a hundred trillion cells
in it the different kinds and each one of them is all complex nano chemical
machinery beyond our comprehension how it works and included is the instruction manual is the manufacturers manual how to build and operate every part of this incredible body made up of a hundred trillion cells furthermore DNA is a three-dimensional molecule that is self-replicating each molecule is able to make an identical copy quickly and efficiently the Lord has even program DNA to detect and correct replication errors be sophisticated capabilities far exceed man’s means God has created the DNA molecule in such a way that it is self-correcting there are special proteins called enzymes that go up and down the DNA molecule looking for and making repairs on a minute-by-minute second-by-second basis God created us with a DNA code that actually has what we call edit a sore editorial type enzymes just as an editor reads a newspaper or book looking
for mistakes so God has created special enzymes that go up and down our DNA molecule repairing the mistakes in ways that are unbelievably complex our DNA has information in it and there’s a whole field of scientific study called information science which studies how information originates how its transmitted and so on and one of the laws of information science says that information never originates by itself in matter never spontaneously comes about any time we trace the copying of information back to its source it
always it always comes back to a mind and since we have creative information in
DNA that tells me that DNA comes from intelligence it’s not something that could possibly come about through millions of years of mutation and natural selection nobody knows go ask your go to the University and go ask your physics class your cameras go ask them and say that state how do these crazy things called quantum particles which ex so strangely compose the next stage of the chain how how do they compose an atom and
then ask how does an atom compose a molecule how does a molecule composed a chemical and they’re going to say we don’t
have any idea that will probably get out there there you know tinker toys and Joe are you sculpting a picture of an atom and say this is
how the atom is structured and it gives rise to the molecule is a molecule in question is a no-no professor how does one composed the other I didn’t ask you to show me a
representation that that you think it’s true about the one and then just you know about the
animal that just say oh it composes the be on the next stage of the molecule I want you say professor I want you to show me how it works tell me what is involved get guide you through the process and that professor is going to say we don’t know how it works we can so the point is here remember we started this a lot when I was a graduate
student in physics and philosophy we talk about the salon the there is no known relationship between quantum particles and then the things that they allegedly compose whether its mouth molecules or chemicals or world’s rocks or whatever now there’s a whole lot of people who are going to tell you that that’s what happens that the quantum particles compose physical reality now and pets so sure this is the level of knowledge cannot of on wishful thinking the level of knowledge is when we have empirical data and philosophical reasoning that is that sophisticated that powerful that ironclad that that simple that we can say okay can’t be anything away this so we have to say this is an absolute truth with this has to be a truth of things we just can’t be an illusion so we know something I mean what what’s more enjoyable than that why i can
think of a couple things are more enjoyable but that’s that’s pretty for someone like me who is just obsessed with knowing how things are in and knowing about myself just knowing their the way reality works and they know a lot
of the listeners of the show at the same way being able to exist at that level that empirical and philosophical level is really important to me it feels really really good ok some people don’t care about stuff like this and that’s fine just let him go and they care about other things you may be they care about arts or
maybe to hear about television or maybe they like Barack Obama and in war and maybe
they like to be brainwashed or who knows what but for me I like to i want to
know how reality works and it makes me feel every time I get a little bit further
along it’s like I’ve I’ve energized my soul or something the deepest parts of me have grown and they feel more spiritual eyes ok so it’s very very healthy to do this yeah and did you believe in god yes do you not believe in God now difficult to answer i know i need that don’t need to believe I don’t know you know there are these the picture of faculties of the psyche that it
isn’t entirely confined to to space and time are these facts speeding told that
it’s a key part that reach is not dependent upon these refinements and then what and it’s likely he’s not under that obligation to leave the environment space alone and always a doesn’t and that mr. of a practical continuation of life of a sort of like little existence beyond time and space only go once
in ids these facts here to yourself believe that there is probably the end or
do you believe the world is concerning busy road beef is definitely difficult thing for me I don’t feeling you I must have a reason for certain hypotheses a bit of either one thing and then other way I don’t need to believe it if I I going to allow myself princes to be
believed the thing just for the sake of believing it i I can’t believe it but when there are sufficient reasons to follow certain hypotheses Charlotte teases naturally well you told us that we should regard dead as
being a girl or ammunition that string the way to commit is to remain life here’s
what advice would you give to people in they might have been able to do this segment of the market in fact believe that there is the end of their me when he’s afraid when he doesn’t crawl it looks back to petrifies you he he gets her Steve front and he dies for this time when he is anyone
looking forward to great adventure that is ahead then he lose and that is about
what the Armed Forces intending to do because it’s quite obvious that you are all going to die and mystic that decides the finale of everything but it never
finish their showing in us that doesn’t believe it apparently the dishes merely a factors i thought of that before doesn’t
mean to me that he broke some food it is simply sold and I think you think along the lines of nature then using purple yeah