coral castle secrets

The coral castle, often identified with the engineering achievements of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Egypt, was built by Edward Leedskalnin, an eccentric eccentric eccentric eccentric eccentric eccentric eccentric, who had his mysterious castle built on his own. [0]

Edward Leedskalnin is the only person in our modern era who claims to have known how the pyramids were built in Egypt and left evidence of their confirmation (34). [1]

Later, in 1936, Leedskalnin moved to the farm, where he bought a 10 acre plot of land and spent the next three years moving about 10 miles away, using a friend’s tractor to transport each of his coral structures. [2]

When you moved around his sculptural garden in stone and the meaning of each work was explained, you could be a witness to the great pride he took in Ed Leedskalnin’s work. [3]

Then, in 1936, when the planned new division of houses threatened his privacy, Leedskalnin moved his entire house – and his plenty of coral tones – 10 miles to the homestead, where he completed it and where he is still a tourist attraction. [4]

When people asked Leedskalnin how he himself carried all the heavy stones, he usually replied:”I understand the laws of weight and pressure, and I know the secrets of the people who had built the pyramids,”referring to the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. [5]

Even when he moved the whole construction to Homestead, the neighbors saw coral blocks transported on borrowed trucks, but nobody knows how Leedskalnin took them and from the car. [6]

Either Leedskalnin was a very good artist, he talked about how he built the Coral Castle together with a few eyewitnesses, or he really concealed the secrets of his construction methods. [7]

Along with this recognition, speculations appeared about his seemingly superhuman powers: whether it was an alleged access to foreign technology, or esoteric ancient knowledge, or his assumed ability to levitate stone blocks and move them using earthly magnetic energy. [8]

Leedskalnin also built a total of twenty-five rocking chairs, each formed from one piece of coral and placed underneath a smooth curved track to allow for gentle rocking. [9]

Whether Leedskalnin was right or wrong in his claims, he could have imagined a simple way to lift and manoeuvre with heavy weights that would have been impossible to achieve with conventional methods. [10]

This theory would respond to supposedly eye-catching reports of the left-block blocks, while the reports of neighbors who allegedly heard Leedskalnina’s “singing” to the coral could be explained as a sound of radio high frequency transmissions. [11]

The distance between the Coral Castle and Grid Pole A (in the north) dispels any doubts that this place is an ideal position to allow Ed Leedskalnin to erect large coral blocks relatively easily. [12]

Perhaps the Leedskalnin’s manner of working with Earth’s gravitational attraction was not more complicated than the development of a manner, with the use of which the alignment of magnetic components in his coral blocks was adjusted to leaning towards streams of individual magnets emitted by him from Earth, with the use of a repulsive pole. [13]

A guide at Coral Castle Ray Ray Ramirez informed me that Leedskalnin is in the process of surrounding the whole site with a wall built of blocks, but he did not complete the task before he died in 1951 (29). [14]

If you try to combine his writings with the construction methods of a coral castle, the Magnetic current book seems to be the most significant (1). [15]

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